More flexibility and security for your IT systems. From day one.

Data centres are a central yet sensitive hub for operations at many companies. If a system is about to fail, decisions have to be made quickly: What are the most important measures to be taken? Who can help if immediate support is needed at the data centre? We offer variable support packages for hardware emergencies – and you will see the benefits from day one.

Our support packages include the complete diagnosis and elimination of hardware faults through repair or replacement. They contain pre-defined services with SLAs that can be applied throughout your business. We fully protect your IT systems: Our services go well beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty to ensure greater flexibility and security.

How can you book our support packages?

Our support packages are provided by our partners in the form of support keys. By purchasing a support key, end users can obtain a licence for our services. The key can be activated via our customer portal, TIM (Technogroup Information Manager), where the services selected using article numbers are immediately available.


The key is activated in our customer portal TIM (Technogroup Information Manager) - so the services selected on the basis of article numbers are directly available.

Please note

The Support Packs can only be booked for new and executable systems including the components. With the exception of Synology: Post Warranty Packs for one and two years are availalbe. Cross-system use is not possible. For this, we offer our service within the framework of third-party maintenance.

Our support packages: as individual as you.

Our services: tailored terms and SLAs for Onsite Support Pack

You can flexibly set a term of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months as required. You can even tweak the general conditions for fault reporting and the arrival of a technician to meet your current requirements. We offer the following options:


  • 5×13, NBD: Mondays to Fridays (7am to 8pm): technician will arrive on the next working day
  • 5×13, 4h*: Mondays to Fridays (7am to 8pm): technician will arrive within 4 hours
  • 7×24, 4h*: Mondays to Sundays (24 hours): technician will arrive within 4 hours


*In the case of urgent faults (priority 1), the telephone response time is max. 15 minutes after the fault has been reported to the service desk. Our technician will only arrive on site within 4 hours in the event of a system failure. Hard drives are usually sent by courier and installed by the customer.

Basics for using our services as a support package

You will have to activate your new support packages after purchasing them. You can find important information about our support packages here:


  1. End users will receive an activation key via email. The key can be activated via our customer portal: TIM.
  2. The support package will be valid from the date it is bought from the distributor.
  3. Our support packages must be activated within three months of the purchase date (and the “Synology NBD Replacement Support Package” must be activated within one month). We may charge additional fees if support packages are activated at a later date. See manufacturer website/compatibility list Synology, Supermicro
  4. The price of each support package can be found on our distributor’s online store.

How to report a fault

If a fault occurs at your data centre, you can report it immediately by calling 00800 777 33 555 (international) or 0800 205 205 (Switzerland), or by sending an email to


Our service desk is open around the clock. We will keep working until your problem has been solved!

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