Our proactive system maintenance keeps you fully operational at all times.

Make the most of our expertise: Our services minimise the probability of system failures and enable your business operations to run smoothly. Two thirds of the companies surveyed in our study "Data Centre Maintenance 2019" (1st edition, 12/2019) are impressed by the benefits of external maintenance services.

Once a fault has been reported, we fix the issue remotely or on site. As faults can also be reported directly to our service team using our monitoring tool or call home function, our technician is on the scene before you even notice the problem.

Service-level agreements.

Personal and flexible: Choose the right SLAs for your business.
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Lower costs

No unplanned expenses due to faults.

Fast and effective

Our technician will be there in a hurry.

24/7 availability

Fault reporting and troubleshooting around the clock.

Extended lifecycle

Your hardware is always operational.


Keep using your hardware beyond its indicated service life.

Process optimisation

All processes run smoothly.


Services and costs are itemised and easy to calculate.

Free resources

Your employees have more time for your core business.

We support the following brands, models and systems:

We carry out maintenance for almost all server providers. Is your model not listed here? Get in touch – we’ll find a solution!

Our support. Your progress.

We will show you how to protect your server infrastructure against faults.

Extended lifecycle. Greater cost security.

We check the condition of your equipment to work out how to keep it running economically.
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Reliable hardware

We even guarantee high availability for older equipment.

Sustainable operations

Functioning hardware doesn’t have to be replaced prematurely.

Cut costs

You don’t need expensive new equipment right away.

Fast support

If you need spare parts, we’ll be there in a hurry.

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We are specialists in server maintenance and operations. Thanks to our services, your systems will still be working smoothly even after the manufacturer’s warranty or support has expired.