Hardware services

IMAC/R/D: install, move, add, change, remove, dispose. These are the needs that might arise during the lifecycle of your hardware components. Our comprehensive range of services can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

We will determine your individual needs to cut costs. Our focus is always on our end users. We automate as many processes as possible to minimise error rates and improve data quality.


Hardware maintenance

Complex IT systems require continuous maintenance to remain efficient. You can minimise your costs and staffing requirements by outsourcing maintenance work to a third-party provider.

So many tasks. So little time.

Our external maintenance services will meet all your expectations and cover the extensive tasks related to your hardware.

Floor Services Details

Our technicians provide system components and make sure they are properly installed.


We ensure the smooth relocation of individual components or entire IT infrastructures.


New hardware or software components can be added and adjustments can be made to contracts and licences.


We make changes, such as deinstallations, updates and the adjustment of configurations and settings.


Whenever hardware has to be removed, we delete the data and prepare the hardware for disposal or warehousing.


We either ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of old hardware or recycle it as refurbished hardware.

Your requirements. Our service.

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