Life cycle management for your hardware

In a dynamic business environment, you have to continuously position yourself according to technological developments and changing requirements and meet customer requests and user wishes as quickly as possible. All this requires an adaptable IT landscape. New hardware and software are installed, IT resources are upgraded, converted, or outsourced – and decommissioned IT equipment has to be uninstalled and disposed of.

Shaping and organising the infrastructure of a data centre over its entire life cycle is a highly complex task. But anyone who masters this will benefit from agile data centres and undisrupted daily business.


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All the actions that come up during the life cycle of hardware components can be summarised under the heading IMAC/R/D (Install, Move, Add, Change, Remove and Dispose). These actions mostly require short reaction and implementation times from IT teams – and extensive resources.

Using a third-party maintenance (TPM) provider can help to keep staff effort and costs as low as possible in your IT department. Our IT experts can offer you a customised service chain for the life cycle of your hardware and individually adaptable maintenance services with largely automated processes. So, we can minimise sources of faults and ensure the high availability of your data centre.

Floor Services Details

Continuous services. Install, Move, Add and Change


Depending on your individual requirements, we’ll procure the necessary hardware, and take care of setting it up in your data centre, its initial installation and integrating it in the infrastructure.


During relocations we’ll take over services ranging from project management to implementation. We’ll prepare the infrastructure, take over the dismantling and ensure safe transport to the new location according to GDPR guidelines. On site, we’ll integrate the hardware in the infrastructure and get it running. The scope of services varies from moving single servers up to complex data centre environments consisting of several hundred pieces of equipment.


Because technical or strategic conditions can change over time, we will upgrade hardware as required or will install new OS systems. We will also be pleased to support you to adapt contracts and licences.


We can also exchange hardware and software and convert it to meet the necessary requirements – including the appropriate configuration adjustments.

Once the life cycle ends. Removal and Disposal

Even if the useful life of your equipment can be significantly extended by third-party maintenance, at some point the period of use for your hardware will end. But the dismantling and disposal of the hardware also must be organised and may even provide you with financial benefits.


If your used IT hardware is recycled or disposed of, we will support you during the entire process. We take on the migration of the still-existing data, and the uninstallation and dismantling of the hardware.


What happens to decommissioned hardware? We will properly take your old equipment away, and as requested either send it for environmentally friendly disposal, including recycling, or properly turn it into quality-controlled refurbished hardware.

All data storage media will be erased in an audit-compliant manner and the systems will be prepared for storage or disposal.

Data security – beyond the life cycle

Secure data disposal is a sensitive process that must meet the highest standards. For this reason, we work exclusively with certified specialists who will permanently erase your data storage media, in compliance with the GDPR and according to the requirements of the BSI. We will ensure documented and audit-compliant erasure in end-to-end, transparent procedures – making sure your data will be protected beyond the life cycle of the equipment.

Sustainability thanks to recycling and refurbishing

Disused IT hardware is also valuable. Because even if you can no longer or do not want to use your systems as a whole – the components and raw materials installed in them can be recycled or reused. So, you will make an important contribution to the circular economy as a result and will  protect the environment twice.

  • You will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, because fewer raw materials will have to be mined and less equipment will have to be produced and transported.
  • You will avoid generating contaminants from waste incineration or landfill, which can get into the air and water.

In addition, by not throwing high-quality technology away, but selling for further use, you will get back part of the ROI of your original investment in the hardware.


Refurbished hardware

Servers, storage solutions and other equipment that you sell to us to reuse will be checked for their full functionality, cleaned and repaired, if necessary. This refurbished and quality-controlled hardware can then be used again as a complete system or in individual components – giving it a second life.
Buying refurbished hardware is also highly attractive for data centres. It is an immediately available, environmentally friendly, and up to 50% cheaper alternative to comparable new ware.


If it’s not possible to reuse equipment or individual components, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end for the installed materials. Some parts and valuable raw materials can be recovered through proper recycling procedures and will be available in the economic cycle again as a result.
As part of Evernex we can offer you comprehensive service in accordance with the WEEE Standard (EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) and will work with one of our certified disposal partners. This will ensure correctly sorted recycling of raw materials and the environmentally-friendly disposal of contaminants.
Buying refurbished hardware is also highly attractive for data centres. It is an immediately available, environmentally friendly, and up to 50% cheaper alternative to comparable new ware.
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Certified end-to-end service at a glance

Legal requirements and the relevant technologies are constantly changing. This is also why it’s laborious and administratively onerous to decommission old hardware and send it for sustainable recycling. In order to save resources and budgets and allow the IT department to concentrate on its core business, we will take over the entire process.

  • Know-how about technical and legal developments
  • Adapted certifications and professional processes
  • Uninstalling and dismantling
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Secure data disposal
  • Refurbishing equipment and components
  • Recovering raw materials
  • Disposing of residues and contaminants
  • Documentation and consistent verifiability

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Financing hardware and services

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