Our emergency system. Your protection.

Our protection package is fully comprehensive. We find quick and reliable solutions in an emergency to restore the availability of your systems.

Take advantage of our ready-to-use emergency replacement system

It’s never been easier to get breakdowns under control.

Always available

We deliver the system when you need it most.

Well prepared

We tailor the system to your needs in advance.

Quickly on site

You will receive the hardware within 12 hours.

Predictable expenses

If you conclude a supply contract, you won’t have to worry about additional costs.

Cut costs

You can minimise your company’s financial losses.

Flexible systems

We have components for almost all manufacturers in stock.

An emergency can arise when you least expect it

Every company has to bank on the availability of its IT systems. If a system is completely wiped out by unforeseen circumstances, such as water damage, theft or fire, insurance companies are usually quick to cover the costs for a new system – but it often takes weeks to get everything up and running again with heavy financial losses.

We are by your side

We will come to the rescue with an emergency replacement system in combination with a maintenance contract, allowing you to immediately return to your day-to-day business operations. After concluding a 24/7 supply contract, we’ll analyse your IT environment and tailor our emergency replacement system to meet your individual requirements. This will allow us to deliver the components you need free of charge within twelve hours. Our special recovery centre ensures rapid support in particularly urgent cases. Once your system is up and running, we’ll collect the replacement components from you – unless you want to keep the entire system.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario now!

Ask us for personal advice to design your very own emergency replacement system.