Flexible sourcing: more than just buying new

Companies today have three key requirements when it comes to procuring IT equipment: fast availability, state-of-the-art technology and economic profitability. To meet these requirements, variable sourcing models are advantageous. It does not always have to be the purchase of new equipment. Leasing and rental concepts as well as the purchase of refurbished hardware offer flexible possibilities to remain performant, to cover seasonal performance peaks and to quickly adapt to new requirements.With our customised solutions consisting of hardware procurement and suitable financing, we support you in optimising your IT operations technically and economically. Our IT experts offer you flexible options: Complete systems, upgrades or individual parts as refurbished or new goods - individually according to your needs.

Do you have a short-term procurement requirement and want to keep your financial burden low? Then we will be happy to advise you on an all-round solution consisting of flexible financing for hardware, software and services.

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In addition, our worldwide spare parts service SPaaS ensures that the right hardware reaches you at the right place and at the right time - no matter where you need it.

Your advantages at a glance


We sell refurbished or new hardware as complete systems, upgrades or individual spare parts - depending on what you require.


If you need temporary support for order peaks, you can conveniently rent systems for short terms.

Repurchase & Recycling

Do you require a more efficient system or do you want to make space and get rid of unused hardware? We buy and collect your used, still working IT hardware and with the remaining value you’ll receive a part of your original investment in return.

  • Refurbished hardware as a sustainable alternative, for individual and complete systems
  • First-class quality thanks to the comprehensive know-how of our IT specialists
  • Safeguard operational continuity while protecting your budget
  • Reliability without needing larger financial investments
  • Receive a partial return on your original hardware investment
  • Get rid of unused hardware and create space in your data centre

Hardware sales: Guaranteed quality at fair conditions

We offer you refurbished spare parts or new goods in accordance with your individual needs as complete systems, upgrades or single parts. We also provide maintenance for server, storage and network components, or for entire systems, as well as the installation of new software. Our sustainable spare parts or systems from refurbished hardware are also a quickly-available, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to manufacturers’ current products. Because professionally refurbished used hardware offers the highest quality and full functionality at considerably reduced costs compared to new goods.

Your hardware purchase benefits:

Low costs
First-class quality
Quick availability
New goods and licences e.g. from the CISCO and Synology portfolios
Flexible adaptation to your corporate structure
Full protection when purchasing refurbished hardware including 30-day guarantee and additional hardware maintenance.
Environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to new goods
Comprehensive know-how: Our technicians are specially trained and certified.

Sustainability is written large with Third-Party Maintenance

Using refurbished hardware means suitable components, and thus valuable raw materials, are put back into circulation and reused. In the process hard disks, RAM memory, CPUs, controllers etc. are checked and professionally prepared for further use. Protecting both the environment and your budget.

With refurbished hardware you can also counter shortages such as the current lack of semi-conductors You’ll be on the safe side with our refurbished and in-stock hardware. You receive the hardware with all the manufacturer’s quality criteria and benefit from lower costs. In order to keep your IT equipment available for a long time, we recommend a combination of refurbished hardware and professional hardware maintenance. A TPM maintenance agreement will secure your systems against interruptions and malfunctions in full – transparently and without any hidden costs. Your benefits here: During the maintenance agreement components will be replaced free of charge so your systems will be available without interruptions at all times.


Since 2020, Technogroup has been part of the Evernex Group, in the future we will also perform under the Evernex brand.

Renting hardware: Short terms with subsequent purchase option

Another concept established in the electronics sector is loaning or renting hardware. Hardware rental is primarily a sensible alternative if the usage time will not be so long or if additional capacities have to be created for peak times. In this way you can cut costs, because purchasing hardware is also frequently associated with considerable expenses. We take care of installation and will also be there quickly in the event of any malfunctions, thus ensuring faults are fixed quickly, reliably and without any complications.

Your hardware rental benefits:

Possible purchase option at the end of the rental period
Manageable monthly financial outgoings and cost benefits thanks to individual offers and financing possibilities
Short rental terms of 1 to 12 months to support seasonal or order peaks and in the event of unexpected performance shortages
Change systems easily and at short notice

Hardware repurchase and collection

There can be many reasons why hardware is sold. The hardware is obsolete and no longer meets the company’s requirements, new developments demand a technical change or the hardware is simply no longer needed and is taking up valuable space in the data centre.
With our brokerage service you have the opportunity to resell or recycle this hardware securely, in an environmentally-friendly way and without any complications. You’ll be paid the remaining value of the hardware but won’t have to do anything in the process yourself. Data protection has top priority for us, so you can rest assured that your data will be irrevocably and securely erased from your hardware.

Your hardware resale benefits:

Sell obsolete hardware quickly and without any complications
Invest the remaining financial value of your hardware in new hardware/upgrades
Ecologically and socially responsible, because reusing equipment will protect the climate and budgets
Offset part of your original hardware investment with upgrades or new infrastructure
Our full-service package will take over the collection of your hardware
Reduce your CO2 footprint, save energy and recycle raw materials

The right spare parts in the right place at the right time

With our international spare parts management system SPare as a Service™ we ensure you have the required spare parts worldwide, when and where you need them, in order to make sure your data centres operate around the clock without any service interruptions. If necessary, we deliver the spare part you need in the shortest time from one of our 330 stocking locations worldwide so that your data centres work 24/7 trouble-free.


Fail-safe data centre

Your IT infrastructure is the “heart” of your company. It is therefore all the more important that the systems relevant for smooth business operations run without disruptions. True to our motto “keep IT running”, we are quick problem solvers and, through our maintenance service, help to prevent and rectify hardware failures and extend the useful life of your IT systems in a cost-effective manner.

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3 steps to your hardware

Are you uncertain about which of our ranges and which hardware meets your requirements? Together with you, we look at what fits best for your company and will accompany you through the decision-making process in three steps:
  1. Advice: First, we identify your needs and answer your questions about which hardware and which offer will meet your requirements.
  2. Procurement: We have more than 850,000 spare parts and complete systems in stock, no matter whether you need a completely refurbished system for servers, storage, network equipment or libraries, or an expansion of your existing system.
  3. Installation: Once you have chosen the right system, our trained and certified IT specialists will implement the hardware in your system. No matter whether it’s refurbished or new goods – our systems run reliably.

We’ll be there for you – personally

How can we help you?

As part of Evernex and the European market leader for third-party maintenance in data centers, we offer maintenance, servicing and repair services for all common IT systems. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your company’s ability to operate and benefit from our many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in IT monitoring. Find out more about the benefits of our customized maintenance solutions and warranty extensions. We would be happy to support you in increasing your IT security and optimally monitoring your IT infrastructure.

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