Maintenance and repair work under laboratory conditions

Our repair centre is where highly qualified technicians inspect and repair IT equipment and electronics made by all major brands. We can repair and refurbish the hardware in your IT system environment and check the technical functionality of all your IT components.

In addition to our repair centre, our focus is on the healthcare sector. We offer tailored support and services, and we can even work confidently in critical infrastructures to meet the highest requirements and quality standards. Our employees are trained and authorised to carry out repairs and safety checks according to each manufacturer’s specifications.

IT repair services

We repair, check and guarantee.

Inspection and repair of IT equipment and electronics for all major brands

Function tests in customer-specific system environment

Warranty for repairs

Medical technology

Make the most of our consulting and solution expertise in the clinical field.
  • Customised service plans for critical infrastructure
  • Tailored maintenance contracts
  • System support for all major brands

Maintenance and repairs of the highest quality

We will keep your IT systems and equipment up to date at our repair centre.

Highly qualified technicians

Highly trained, certified and authorised employees work at our repair centre.

Custom system environment

We test the functionality of IT components in customer-specific environments.

Replacement of wearing parts

We replace defective parts with high-quality components.

Quick repairs

We repair IT equipment in an average of 5-10 days, and critical system components can be repaired even faster if required.

Medical repair service

We provide a global repair service for diagnostic and analytical devices according to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Comprehensive service

We offer maintenance and repairs,
quality control and assurance, auditing, documentation, logistics and shipping of equipment.

Secure environment

Our repair centre is secured against unauthorised access and features an ESD-protected area that prevents contamination.

Inspection and repair of IT equipment and electronics

One of the most important parts of Technogroup is our repair centre, where highly qualified technicians inspect and repair IT equipment from all major brands under laboratory conditions.

We test monitors, power supplies, tape libraries, tape drives, UPS systems and many other electronic units and ensure the full functionality of all components within a customer-specific system environment.

Whenever possible and with given reasonability from an economic point of view, we replace defective parts with high-quality components and exchange any wearing parts. For additional security, you benefit from our full repair guarantee within the scope of our terms and conditions. Each repair takes an average of 5-10 days (between the arrival of defective parts at the repair centre and their return). However, we can also test and repair critical system components with a very short turnaround time upon request.

Repair and maintenance of IT components

On-site repair service

ISO fault hotline with Technogroup SPOC principal

Software update and upgrade service

Hardware maintenance

Screen maintenance and incident services


Since 2020, Technogroup has been part of the Evernex Group, in the future we will also perform under the Evernex brand.

Our specialisation in the healthcare sector

Following the rapid development of IT in the healthcare sector, medical technology has become a high-tech field with a promising future. The professional use, care and maintenance of modern medical equipment requires highly trained specialists. Medical devices have to meet high safety and reliability requirements, because they have a direct impact on a patient’s well-being.

Technogroup has built a reputation as an IT service provider that meets the highest standards, but not many people know that we have expanded our portfolio over the past few years and have been providing repair services around Europe for leading manufacturers of diagnostic and analytical equipment with biosensor technology. Our specialists plan and create tailored servicing plans to meet specific clinical requirements and we have even developed additional spatial conditions for the medical technology sector.

Top consulting and solution expertise

As a service provider for all major brands, we have proven our expertise during numerous projects in the healthcare sector.

Support for all major manufacturers

Our service is specifically designed for your company’s critical systems. In the event of a fault, we provide support for many well-known manufacturers and operating systems.

Repair centre

We carry out maintenance, repairs and technical function tests for diagnostic and analytical equipment at our repair centre.

Certified technicians

Our employees are authorised to carry out repairs and safety checks at our facilities according to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Our extensive experience

Ever since our repair centre was opened in 1990, we have continued to expand our entire IT service portfolio.
  • 1990

    We extend our technical repair service to screens and printers.

  • 1993

    We start to repair tape drives and printheads.

  • 1998

    We move to our new company headquarters and introduce an in-house repair service.

  • 2005

    We receive our first order in the field of medical technology: monitor and power supply repairs for analytical devices

  • 2010

    We receive a European service and maintenance contract for special mobile diagnostic equipment from a US manufacturer.
    We upgrade our facilities to meet special decontamination requirements.

  • 2012

    We expand our service portfolio by refurbishing laboratory apparatus.

  • 2014

    We upgrade our facilities by setting up a fully ESD-protected area for the repair and maintenance of medical devices.
    Since 2014, we have been continuously developing a service and maintenance contract to enable a US mobile diagnostics brand to branch out into the EMEA region.

  • 2018

    We expand the service portfolio of a US mobile diagnostics brand to include the handling of rental equipment.
    The service is now being provided in over 50 countries around the world.

How can we help you?

As part of Evernex and the European market leader for third-party maintenance in data centers, we offer maintenance, servicing and repair services for all common IT systems. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your company’s ability to operate and benefit from our many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in IT monitoring. Find out more about the benefits of our customized maintenance solutions and warranty extensions. We would be happy to support you in increasing your IT security and optimally monitoring your IT infrastructure.

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