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Is your hardware approaching the end of its life (EOL) or service life (EOSL)? Don’t rush to buy expensive new systems. Even if your manufacturer discontinues its support or indicates an “expiry date”, you can still get plenty use out of your old equipment. We make sure your hardware infrastructure works perfectly beyond the EOL or EOSL date.

Over half of all companies operate their hardware under temporary service contracts with the manufacturer. As an independent service provider for all major brands, we maintain your hardware and offer a quick and easy service for spare parts. We offer cost-effective solutions for you to extend the lifecycle of your hardware – without being tied to a certain manufacturer.

The difference between end of life (EOL) and end of service life (EOSL)

End of Life

The term “end of life” (EOL) refers to products whose lifecycle is over. This means the manufacturer will discontinue production on a certain date, after which the product will no longer be available. Do you have such a system? Contact us! We can offer you support as a third-party maintenance provider and extend your hardware’s service life – a sustainable and cost-saving alternative to new products.

End of Service Life

If the original manufacturer announces the “end of service life” (EOSL), technical support and maintenance will be discontinued on a certain date or the service prices will be much higher. If you would like to continue using your hardware, it’s worth using third-party maintenance (TPM): According to Gartner, over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use third-party maintenance as a support option in their IT environments.

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Customers of all sizes, all geographies and all verticals are using TPMs for some post warranty and EOSL devices.*

*(Source: https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3956803/market-guide-for-data-center-and-network-third-party-har | retrieved on August 29th, 2019 | Gartner Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance)

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