Our monitoring solution ensures greater transparency.

Your systems are only profitable when they are running smoothly – any faults can have a negative impact on your company’s balance sheets. Boost the availability of your infrastructure with our integrated IT monitoring. Our efficient solution keeps your systems running continuously.

As a multi-vendor service provider, we can almost always monitor your entire system environment 24/7 and map it out clearly using central dashboards, so that you can focus on your strategic tasks and projects. By combining our monitoring services with hardware maintenance and our cross-manufacturer expertise as a single point of contact, you can automatically restore faulty components to significantly reduce the cost of your processes.

Solid foundations for efficient processes

Our solution permanently monitors your IT environment.

High availability

Prevent costly and time-consuming system failures.

Greater capacity

Free up your human resources.

Manageable costs

Achieve the best possible results with moderate financial commitment.

Limitless applications

Our solution is compatible with almost all manufacturers and system environments.

Smooth implementation

We implement the system in no time at all.

Variable scope

You can scale our solution for any number of services and locations.

Uncomplicated customisation

We ensure flexibility for your individual needs.

Comprehensive control

Our continuous checks ensure you can react to any situation.

Extend the lifecycle of your IT

nsuring the high availability of your data centre hardware and extending its lifecycle are major challenges that are crucial for the success of your business. Our whitepaper reveals how you can optimise your performance through IT monitoring and how you can benefit from outsourcing this task to a full-service provider.

IT monitoring for the optimisation of your IT environment

Keep everything under control: Our active and passive IT monitoring ensures the smooth, uninterrupted operation of your systems. Reap the rewards – as a standalone solution or in combination with hardware maintenance and a single point of contact. If you also conclude a maintenance contract with us, your error reports can be analysed and sent to our team of technicians, who will then carry out the repair. We maximise the availability of your IT environment by performing continuous checks, offering integrated reporting and clearly presenting the current situation. You can save lots of time and money!

Quick implementation

You don’t have to worry about any costly implementation processes with us – your business can introduce our monitoring solution in just a few steps. We start by installing the monitoring appliance and setting the basic configuration. We will then align your systems with our monitoring solution. Once the monitoring technology has been linked to the systems, your business will instantly become more agile, productive and responsive.

Monitoring and multi-vendor maintenance in practice

Discover how an automotive supplier is using our third-party monitoring services to great effect at its data centre.
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