Efficient work begins with dependable network infrastructure

With increasing data traffic and the continuously rising number of terminals available, the requirements made of networks are also changing. We equip your networks for the future so you will continue to be flexible

and able to act at all times. Together with you we are going to get to the point of how you can benefit from more agility, security and scalability. In the process we focus on the entire life cycle, from the strategy up to operations and management. Together with our strong partners Cisco and Palo Alto, we are able to offer you comprehensive expertise and customised services to secure your network uptime.

Network services from one source

Benefit from our services to keep your network resilient and reliable.

During operations

We take care of strengthening reliability.


Getting there faster with systematic troubleshooting.


We ensure quality standards are consistently kept.

Hardware sales

We rely on modern hardware components (e.g. Cisco).

IT monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure around the clock.

Support when needed

With our floor and support services you’ll get customised support when needed.

Step by step to a strong network

In order to set up a perfectly tailored network infrastructure, a systematic approach is essential. We look at precisely which technologies are required in your company and will implement the appropriate actions. Our approach covers the entire life cycle. From the architecture and advice, through the implementation, and all the way up to service management.

(Pre-) Analysis & Needs Recommendation

We analyse the current status of your network design, including ongoing processes, applications and systems, to give you an individual needs recommendation.

Conception & Planning

We deliver carefully considered concepts on the basis of a network design check, creating a service package that takes your individual corporate requirements into account.


We’ll examine your existing concept and will restructure it in a joint workshop according to your ideas and needs.

WiFi Illumination

In order to review your WiFi concept, we illuminate it virtually and provide you with an implementation recommendation.

Hardware Update

So that you can benefit from reliable and modern network technology at all times, we offer needs-based models to update hardware. These include leasing, loans, rentals or purchasing immediately available, lower-cost refurbished hardware.

Operations & Monitoring

We take precautions for emergencies and ensure high reliability. So if the worst comes to the worst you’ll be quickly operational again.

Review & Action Recommendation

In a first review we examine your LAN infrastructure, including the glass fibre and copper routes between and in the distribution rooms, available and used front ports, the PoE capacity of the equipment, as well as the configuration of the individual network components. We subsequently evaluate these, providing a current picture of your network design, which will be used as the basis for the further strategy for your network environment. This includes long-term action recommendations regarding stability and performance, or configuration recommendations.

Conception & Planning

We conceive a network on the basis of your internal corporate needs - regardless of whether you want to optimise your existing network or have not had one so far. During the set-up period we provide you with advice and assistance and will recommend current hardware with a configuration in accordance with the best practice approach. If you already have a network, we’ll carry out a check and present you the steps required for a successful improvement. This could be, for example, a WiFi illumination, replacing the firewall or refreshing the hardware.


During our configuration review we examine and evaluate individual or several network devices. Then, we compare the results with our best practise guidelines and work out your client-specific configuration, including roll-out. Our design reviews focus on the hierarchy level, more specifically firewall, core, data centre, distribution and access. Together with you we draw up an actual-target analysis, which will form the basis for a customised roadmap. We will also go through the IP address and the Vlan redesign in consultation with you. To do this we examine the existing concept (IP range size concept, Vlan IDs, dynamic vs. static and local use) and will restructure according to your ideas and needs in a joint workshop.

WiFi Illumination

In order to review your WiFi concept, we offer a virtual illumination. To do this we’ll use professional software to simulate the building illumination and draw up heat map documentation, which will form the basis for the implementation recommendations we will provide you with. This will protect you from making unnecessary investments so you can be sure that the actions taken will contribute to the success of the company.

Hardware Update

Security risks, falls in performance and competitive disadvantages can occur if hardware is no longer state-of-the-art. We offer you a variety of models to procure hardware that will meet your individual expectations and which you can use to benefit quickly from reliable and modern technology. While refurbished hardware is a good possibility for saving costs compared to new goods, renting hardware will allow you to access current technical standards at manageable monthly instalments.
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Trouble-free Operations

IT Monitoring will ensure your systems run trouble-free and without interruptions with active and passive monitoring. Continuous checks, integrated reporting and a clear presentation of the current situation will guarantee the greatest possible availability of your IT landscape.

Firewall Replacement

We’ll ensure you can replace your firewall under the highest security measures. To do this we’ll advise you on the sizing, take over or optimise the policy and tunnel concepts, adjust security functions according to the latest findings and take care of integrating cloud services. It is also possible to connect the firewall to central management or to develop standard templates. In addition, we’ll deal with licence administration and cost planning for you.

We’ll be there for you – personally