Facts and figures.

We have been specialists for data centre hardware and services for over 30 years. We are the market leader for third-party maintenance (TPM) in the D/A/CH region. As an Evernex company, we are also the European TPM market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of hardware maintenance.

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But we haven’t forgotten our roots as a medium-sized company, remaining close to our customers, understanding their challenges and requirements, and working flexibly, simply and effectively.

Operating in 160+ countries
850,000+ spare parts
350+ logistics hubs around the world
10,000+ customers
900+ employees
Approx. 500 technicians

Our services

We not only monitor your individual hardware components – we keep track of your entire IT environment. As a multi-vendor service provider, we are an independent specialist for all major brands, which means we can maintain and support your entire IT environment – regardless of the devices, systems and manufacturers you work with.

We keep your IT running, so that you can keep the world running.

Our mission

We provide our customers with the best IT services on the market to keep their data centre and business running smoothly, economically and securely at all times.

Our vision

We offer independent data centre services to cut costs and protect the environment.

Locations: We are always close to you.

As Technogroup in the D/A/CH region. And as part of Evernex worldwide.


Feldbergstraße 6
D-65239 Hochheim
Phone: +49 6146 8388-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com


Maculangasse 12
AT-1220 Wien
Phone: +43 720 300390-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com


Stauwehrweg 10
CH-4852 Rothrist
Phone: +41 62 20526-00
E-mail: info@technogroup.com


Poleczki Park – Warsaw Building
PL-02-823 Warszawa
NIP 524 276 43 01
Phone: +48 22 295 0632
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Hamburg branch

Bornbarch 5
D-22848 Norderstedt
Phone: +49 6146 83 88-116
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Berlin branch

Bergholzstraße 8
D-12099 Berlin
Phone: +43 720 300390-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Stuttgart branch

Zettachring 2
D-70567 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 89 42017-185
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Leipzig branch

Fraunhoferstraße 8
D-04178 Leipzig
Phone: +49 6146 83 88-116
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Munich branch

Valentin-Linhof-Straße 8
D-81829 München
Phone: +49 89 42017-185
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Vienna Branch

Modecenterstraße 22
A-1030 Wien
Phone: +43 720300390-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Graz branch

Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 2-6
A-8041 Graz
Phone: +43 720300390-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Salzburg branch

Warwitzstraße 9
A-5020 Salzburg
Phone: +43 720 300390-0
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Dortmund branch

Brennaborstraße 10
44149 Dortmund
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Hannover branch

Rendsburger Str. 12
30659 Hannover
E-mail: info@technogroup.com

Certified quality

We don’t just promise the highest quality – we actually deliver. Technogroup has become one of the first triple-certified companies on the TPM market:
  • ISO 9001 for Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 for Eco-Management
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security

We have also received the CrefoZert certificate for many years, which confirms our excellent credit rating.

Our management

Meet the people behind the company name:

Stanislas Pilot

President & Chief Executive Officer Evernex

Arnd Krämer

Managing Director Central, Northern & Eastern Europe
Managing Director Austria

Christoph Schuck

Director Controlling & Finance

Michel Seibel

Managing Director Switzerland

About Technogroup

In a world full of IT service providers, we have been standing out for over 30 years as a trusted partner for external data centre maintenance and an excellent employer. Our company lives by three principles:


We offer our customers a partnership with an expert who understands and monitors their IT environment, offering straightforward solutions and helping to optimise their processes. We work with our customers towards a common goal – we keep their IT running, so that they can keep the world running.

Family values

Technogroup’s employees reflect the company’s family values in their everyday work. We work together to ensure success, we respect and accept one another’s diversity and individuality, and we value one another as key players within the company and as people.

Responsibility and ethics

We take responsibility for our employees, customers and partners, as well as for society and the environment. Our business activities reflect our convictions and values, which we have established in our Code of Conduct. We comply with the laws and customs of all countries in which we operate. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, corruption or deception. And we promote fairness, financial ethics and tolerance.

Code of Conduct

Evernex International, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, places great importance on its Code of Conduct for suppliers. This code establishes the fundamental principles and ethical values that Evernex and its employees adhere to and abide by. It is a crucial document that guides our actions and reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Download Code of Conduct

Sustainability and responsibility

Our company is well aware of its ecological and social responsibility. We are strongly committed to people and the environment.

We help young people shape their future

In the 2019/20 academic year, around 10% of Technogroup’s employees were trainees! We are passionate about helping young people kickstart their careers by offering them a solid start in the world of work. We firmly believe the future of our company lies in the hands of our young talent, and we want Technogroup to be the future of our young talent.

We protect the environment

Our business model is founded upon sustainability, environmental protection and the responsible consumption of energy and resources. These values are reflected in our daily work. Thanks to our third-party maintenance, data centre hardware can be used well beyond the end of its service life. This not only allows our customers to cut costs – it also protects the environment. We are just as committed to using green electricity and solar energy as we are to minimising waste and driving electric-powered cars. Our eco-management system is certified according to the ISO 14001 standards.

We help people in need

Whenever someone needs a helping hand, we believe society should become a tight-knit community and words should become action. Technogroup supports numerous charities, such as the Antoniushaus for young people with physical disabilities. We also create bright futures for refugees by offering solid apprenticeship schemes.

We see ourselves as part of the business community

We are stronger together. That’s why Technogroup works with and for other companies. CEO Klaus Stöckert sits on the board of the Service Industry Association (SIA), representing the interests of European TPM providers on a global level, and he also promotes the concerns of local companies at the general meeting of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wiesbaden. In order to help local businesses face the challenges of the corona lockdown, Technogroup showed the true meaning of solidarity by launching a local voucher campaign in spring 2020.

We promote exercise

We have been sponsoring sporting events for many years, such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge and the vineyard run and 24-hour race in Hochheim am Main. We also encourage our employees to do exercise within our company – as we always say, “keep IT running”. Exercise is not just about staying healthy – we also want to promote the values at the heart of Technogroup, such as respect, discipline and team spirit.

Back to the roots: the history of Technogroup

Technogroup is a major company that grew out of something small. Its predecessor, Technotron Computer Service GmbH, was founded in 1990 at a time when IT specialists had different educational backgrounds and today’s standards were mere visions. Technogroup has since emerged as the market leader for third-party maintenance (TPM) in German-speaking countries and, as part of Evernex, the TPM market leader in Europe. Our success story has three main ingredients:

  • Our employees with their expertise, loyalty and personality
  • Our responsible growth
  • Our unchangeable identity as a family business with solid values
  • 1990

    Technotron Computer Service GmbH is founded, the predecessor of today’s Technogroup.

  • 1992

    Technoparts Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH is founded, the second predecessor of today’s Technogroup.

  • 1998

    We move to our current headquarters in Hochheim near Frankfurt / Main.

  • 1999

    Technotron Hochheim GmbH is founded.

  • 2000

    We take over PEN GmbH.

  • 2001

    The three predecessor companies merge to form today’s Technogroup IT-Service GmbH.

  • 2002

    We begin to decentralise and build a network of service and logistics hubs.

  • 2007

    We take over Pertis GmbH.

  • 2009

    We open a subsidiary in Switzerland.

  • 2010

    We open a subsidiary in Austria.

  • 2015

    We take over Econocom Managed Services AG.

  • 2017

    We take over Tradefinity Maintenance GmbH.

  • 2018

    We take over network specialist BSW-COM GmbH.

  • 2019

    We take over CPU Service Spółka z o.o. (Poland)

  • 2020

    We merge with Evernex to become the European market leader.