Technogroup helps girls and young women in need

We donate 500 euros to the walk-in and advice centre Zora

Hochheim, 12 March 2021 – Every year the employees of Technogroup collect money for a good cause in a tombola. This time CEO Klaus Stöckert handed over 500 euros to Zora, a walk-in and advice centre for girls and young women in Wiesbaden. It helps young women who have been affected by physical, psychological or sexual violence, have experienced violence due to so-called (family) honour, have run away from home or who live on the streets. Thekla Theresia Kulik, who is responsible for fundraising at Zora, is very pleased about the donation. The organisation relies on gifts to carry out its important work.

Zora holds about 800 support and advice meetings with up to 280 women every year. Its employees provide the women with emotional support, listen to them and give them advice. “We offer the girls and women a protected space where they can feel safe and can open up,” explains Kulik. “And we also offer really practical help for self-help in many areas of life.” The employees accompany the women when dealing with government agencies, complete applications for benefits, provide job application training and support them when they are looking for an apprenticeship or job. In this way Zora helps women and girls to build the foundations for a better life of security and independence.

In contrast to other organisations, Zora is largely financed by donations. This enables the organisation to be independent and to take plenty of time for the women. But the donations also have a very different effect, according to Kulik. “Some of the girls burst into tears when they find out we receive donations. They can’t believe there are people who don’t know them but help them anyway. This creates a very special energy and is a huge motivation for the girls.”

“We are really pleased to be able to support this project with the proceeds from the tombola,” explains Technogroup CEO Klaus Stöckert. “Many of these girls and women have experienced terrible things through no fault of their own, often in the place where they should feel safest, in their families. Giving them the chance of an autonomous, happy life is a responsibility to society which we are pleased to contribute to.”

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