New sports equipment and speech generating apps to support physically handicapped children and teens

Technogroup donates €1,000 to Hochheim’s Peter-Josef-Briefs-Schule

The Hochheim-based company Technogroup IT-Service GmbH donated €1,000 to the Peter-Josef-Briefs-Schule, a special‑needs school operated under the sponsorship of the charitable institution Antoniushaus. An in‑house raffle organized by the  employees of the market leader in third‑party data center maintenance raised nearly €270 for this unique school that assists physically handicapped children and teens by fostering the development of their motor skills. Technogroup’s management board increased the donation amount to an even €1,000. The Peter‑Josef‑Briefs‑Schule plans to use this money to purchase a trampoline for its hydrotherapy pool, new skis for skiing excursions, and licenses for cutting‑edge speech‑generating apps.

Speech‑generating apps help schoolchildren who are unable to express their thoughts vocally by enabling them to select letters and images on the touchscreen of a computer that creates full sentences from the entered information and reads it aloud. “It is absolutely fascinating to see how modern technology is capable of literally giving these children and teens a voice of their own,” commented Alexander Kupermann, Technogroup’s Head of Communications, Marketing & PR. “We are both delighted and honored to serve as a repeat sponsor of the Peter‑Josef‑Briefs‑Schule, as we continue to be highly impressed by the commitment demonstrated by the school’s employees as well as the incredible degree of success and enthusiasm exhibited by the children and teens in the classroom and during sports and art activities.” The school’s principal Ralf Stephan emphasized that sports and exercise are essential components of a child’s overall development. “Exercise enriches a person’s sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life, and success in athletics has undoubtedly proven to enhance the self‑confidence of our students.”

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