Expertise, experience, and reliability as the hallmarks of TPM market leader Technogroup

A comprehensive customer study reveals a high level of confidence in third-party maintenance (TPM) partners

Data center maintenance is of undoubtedly critical importance, with providers’ credibility, reliability, and costs at the very forefront of the industry’s prowess. The German TPM market leader Technogroup performed exceptionally well in a customer study, with 92% of customers expressing trust in the company and satisfaction with its services. Technogroup’s defining characteristics according to the company’s own customers are expertise, experience, sustainability, customer focus, reliability, and an amicable attitude. “This result far exceeds our competition’s performance and serves to underscore the effectiveness of our strategy of providing the highest quality of service at the best conditions across manufacturers and in a flexible manner that accommodates customers’ needs,” commented Technogroup’s CEO Dr. Ralf Dingeldein.

Stability as a key factor for manufacturer independence

In Technogroup’s Report on Server Maintenance study conducted in 2018, 78% of the survey respondents stated that their data center hardware includes components acquired from two or more different manufacturers, with 31% of those utilizing components from two to five manufacturers and 47% utilizing components from five to seven manufacturers. Companies are thus faced with the choice of entering into separate service agreements with as many as seven different manufacturers or entering into one single service agreement with Technogroup. A key factor in this decision‑making process constitutes the perceived stability of the prospective third-party maintenance provider. “In addition to our longstanding relationships in place with numerous companies, we strongly emphasize close cooperation with manufacturers. Our range of competencies also features a unique ability to provide the full scope of services for older generations of equipment,” added Dr. Ralf Dingeldein. The strong customer focus and exceptional professional expertise demonstrated by Technogroup’s representatives are the primary benefits cited by the surveyed customers.

Hardware failures causing losses to the tune of millions

Alongside Technogroup’s people and products, the IT infrastructure represents the backbone of the company. As all electronic nerve pathways of today’s economy inevitably pass through data centers, even minor failures can give rise to entire system outages. The Technogroup study found that 66% of companies do not have a comprehensive service agreement in place as pertains to the utilized hardware, which in turn has the potential to create a particularly precarious situation for the unprotected components in the event of a total outage. Third-party maintenance is the only effective method of fully closing this gap. Technogroup’s customers also pointed out the company’s top‑caliber price‑vs.‑performance ratio. In fact, the research firm Gartner found that cost savings of up to 60% are possible with TPMs compared to the service costs of original manufacturers. The firm also predicts a 35% increase in the TPM market by 2020, which would mark a continuation of the robust growth trend exhibited in recent years.

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