Companies helping other companies: Technogroup and partners support regional businesses through a voucher initiative

Technogroup IT-Service GmbH is demonstrating solidarity and initiative at a time when many companies are struggling. The IT service provider has launched a voucher initiative in the region around Hochheim, where the company has been based for the past 30 years. Together with the online newspaper Weinstadtjournal and the company Aero Pump, Technogroup started up the initiative in order to generate further revenue for regional businesses, pubs and restaurants, and wine producers. The companies purchase Hochheim company vouchers (or Hochheimer Unternehmens-Gutscheine in the original German, with the appropriate abbreviation HUGs). They’re valid at all participating companies listed on the platform The abbreviation HUG is deliberate, of course. The aim is to give struggling businesses a figurative hug.

“In difficult times, we should stand together,” explains Klaus Stöckert, CEO of Technogroup. “We want to play our part so that Hochheim and other towns in the region continue to be characterized by an active cultural life and attractive town centers.”

“Right from the start, we were excited – or even emotional – at the idea of larger companies being able to help out smaller ones,” says Alexander Hartmann of Weinstadtjournal. “We knew immediately that this would set a positive tone. It’s a commitment to solidarity and simply a nice thing to have.”

The idea was so infectious that Hochheim-based printer W.B. Druckerei immediately stepped in to print the vouchers for free, too. Taunus-Sparkasse savings bank was also quickly won over, and has provided a no-fee account for the handling of voucher transactions. Technogroup is grateful to all involved.

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