The Technogroup helps effectively and sustainably

As a company, we are part of the society and shaping it is up to us. The environmental and social responsibility of companies has been a lived reality for Technogroup for many years. However, Technogroup is not only engaged ecologically and socially, but we also place a high value on effective and sustainable help in sports.

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Commitment to sports

Shaping society actively

Ecological thinking

Due to increasingly scarce resources, environmental thinking is becoming a more important focus every year. It is pursued by cost awareness, efficiency and the environmentally conscious behaviour of each and every employee. The use of green electricity and solar energy (with CO2 savings of 85,000 tonnes) are just a few examples demonstrating the ecological thinking and activities at Technogroup.

Also, our customer service vehicles are in the CO2 efficiency class A+, and we extended our fleet with the first company-owned electric car in 2013. Even with our new company building, which was designed and built with ecological aspects in mind in 2013, Technogroup implements its responsibility for the environment, energy and resource consumption.

Engagement in sports

For many years, we have supported clubs and events in various sport disciplines. In addition to the health aspect and physical activity, sport promotes values including respect, discipline and community spirit. The Technogroup itself is very active in sports and contributes to good causes. The encouraging about our engagement is that many ideas are generated by our workforce.

The social aspect

It is important to the Technogroup to not only focus on the financial support of projects in individual associations and organisations but also to help people in need consistently and future oriented. In the following, we name just a few of the social projects and institutions that Technogroup supports actively: Girls Day, Bärenherz, Network: companies integrate refugees, Fresko, Joblinge, 24 Hour Run Hochheim