The Technogroup helps to save costs quickly and sustainably.

We have established ourselves as a manufacturer independent multivendor service provider and have already
proven our outstanding consulting and problem-solving competence in numerous projects.

Long-standing maintenance partner of:

  • Hospitals & university <br>hospitals

    As a long-standing maintenance partner, we have established ourselves as a manufacturer independent service provider and could prove our consulting and problem-solving competence in countless projects.

    Hospitals & university

    As a specialist, we design and implement tailored service concepts based on the specific requirements of clinical operations. In addition to the cross-sectoral portfolio, Technogroup offers maintenance contracts specifically for the needs of the healthcare industry.

  • 100 entities of the<br>healthcare industry

    Our employees are authorised to carry out repairs and safety checks according to the manufacturer’s specifications in our partnership institutions on their own.

    100 entities of the
    healthcare industry

    With this proven service concept for the entire IT environment, you play it safe. The service specifically designed for the safety of patients offers you integrated support for IT systems of all the main manufacturers – from one source. The scope of our services can be selected and customised system by system depending on the level of availability.

IT in hospitals

The IT managers in a hospital’s administration or their sponsorship do not only face the challenge to pursue more tasks with less staff. Rather, due to the spread of IT-based solutions in clinical processes and communication as well as advances in IT-related medicine, budgets and employees are put to the test.

Therefore, hospitals as well as sponsorships need to operate increasingly efficiently and consolidate mainly standardised IT structures and their functions. This applies particularly to the costs of IT operations in data centres.


The rapid progress of computer and medical technology has developed the field of medical technology into a promising high-tech area. The professional use, care and maintenance of modern medical equipment requires highly trained specialists. Our employees are authorised to perform repairs and safety checks according to manufacturers’ specifications on their own. The requirements for medical equipment safety and reliability are high because the well-being of patients is often directly connected to them.

That the Technogroup operates in the IT service industry at the highest standards is well known. That the Technogroup has been handling the Europe-wide repair service for diagnosis and analysis equipment with biosensor technology of major manufacturers for many years is less known.