High performance since 1990

We run our company on the basis of personal trust and cordial warmth, and always guarantee our customers expertise and outstanding quality coupled with passion. And our success bears us out: Today, Technogroup is one of the leading providers of manufacturer-independent IT services in Germany – not least thanks to our highly motivated staff.

En savoir plus

Corporate policy

Technogroup’s corporate policy seeks, on the one hand, to convince customers of our capabilities, and, on the other, to draw on the potential of our staff in optimizing the workflow for our products and services. We also aspire to respond in a timely manner to our clients’ requirements and to changes in the market. At the same time, we set ourselves environmental goals in order to do justice to our responsibility for coming generations. By means of our Integrated Management System (IMS) we seek to keep to binding commitments and to enduringly improve environmental aspects and impacts. Indeed, the IMS, which is certified in accordance with ISO 27001, helps us strive to fulfill legal, official and contractual requirements and expectations. Our IMS enables us to conduct data protection management that complies with the Federal Data Protection Act, BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act). Management reviews and assesses corporate policy on an ongoing basis to make certain it is appropriate, constantly improved, and has the right thrust. The key analytical tool used is the TG Management Report, which presents the key indicators for the company and evaluates them.

Histoire de succès

Un petit retour en arrière

  • 2018

    La direction de Technogroup s'élargit: Arnd Krämer et Alexander Bernecker en tant que CFO et CSO renforcent respectivement l'équipe de gestion autour de Alfried Netzband et Dr. Ralf Dingeldein

  • 2017

    Dr. Ralf Dingeldein reprend le “flambeau" en tant que nouveau CEO de Technogroup

  • 2015

    Technogroup fête ses 25 ans et sa fusion avec EMS IT-Service AG

  • 2009

    Création de centrales nationales indépendantes en Suisse et en Autriche

  • 2004

    Certification ITIL de tous les employés

  • 2001

    Fusion de Technotron et Technoparts pour former Technogroup IT-Service GmbH sous la direction de Claus Fischer et Gebhard Dieser

  • 1995

    Certification ISO

  • 1990

    Création de Technotron Computer Service GmbH, dirigée par Claus Fischer



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Vision 2022

Growing together

Entrepreneurial decisions need to be thought through carefully. And depend crucially on a clear vision of the future and an awareness of one’s own strengths. On this basis, growth opportunities going forward can be accurately identified. Our “Vision 2022” sets out our future course, defined in terms of vision parameters and the relevant strategy, which outlines how we will achieve our vision. It serves as our vision statement on how we intend to act responsibly on behalf of future generations. Technogroup is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, drawing on its focused expertise and outstanding ability to deliver. Down the road to achieving its goals, the company confidently offers quality, know-how, and an understanding of people, their expectations and needs.

All in one we summarize our corporate values in three keywords: Heartiness, high performance, handshake. A market leader in its segment, and a corporate group that has always achieved the sales goals it has set itself, hardly surprisingly Technogroup is a much sought-after employer. Attaining these objectives will also entail adapting structures to suit changing market conditions, revisiting products and product groups, monitoring the strengths of our core competences – all in line with our guiding principle of “keep IT running“.