Stephen Woolford

Senior Brokerage Manager
Chez Technogroup depuis: 2015

«As Senior Brokerage Manager I’m responsible for buying and selling used IT-Systems. Taking on the task of independently building and managing the Brokerage department at Technogroup has provided me with a new and very interesting perspective.

I became a Technogroup employee as a result of the acquisition of Econocom Managed Services AG in 2015. Prior to that, I’d held the position of Team Leader Technical Support. After the integration I was able to add to my 30 odd years of IT experience to the Professional Services Team as an x86 Specialist. Subsequently, I took the opportunity to contribute my expertise to the further development of our Shared Services Concept and the training of our Sales Team.

Today, as an IT-Broker I can optimally leverage the experience I’ve gained from extended periods of travel abroad and my English language heritage to provide our mainly International Customers with a high level of service quality. In addition to this, I’m often requested to assist my colleagues with the German-English translation of Contracts, Tenders and Marketing materials.

The further development of my career within Technogroup is a prime example of how the fusion of two company cultures can sustainably succeed. It also proves that the IT business continually affords new chances for those that are prepared to take them. The things I particularly like about Technogroup are the clear and realistic company goals and the solid, goal orientated process structures.»