Technogroup welcomes Wirtschaftsjunioren of CCI Wiesbaden
28 Septembre 2017

Wirtschaftsjunioren are young entrepreneurs and employed managers aged up to 40 from all business sectors affiliated to the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). The aim is for them to exchange ideas on everyday life in the business world, find support, and work on joint projects, for instance ones that help young people enter the workplace.

This is networking in the best sense of the word, a give and take between like-minded people. What is interesting about this initiative is the fact that participants’ commitment and networking do not end at national borders, but extend beyond them. Indeed, the network encompasses over 200,000 active members in more than 115 national associations. Claus Fischer, founder and managing director of Technogroup and member of the CCI plenum, personally introduced the company to the guest Wirtschaftsjunioren and provided interesting insights into current products, services and processes:  “We were delighted to offer interested young leaders and entrepreneurs insights into current IT service scenarios and as such into cutting-edge technologies. Issues of security, the cloud and monitoring through to digitization – our specialists were only too happy to answer all our guests’ questions,” said Claus Fischer of the event. The lectures were of course followed by a get-together, at which Technogroup invited its guests to engage in interesting discussions and networking over finger food and drinks.

CEO Dr. Ralf Dingeldein considers swapping experiences and networking in today’s business world an exciting and immensely important thing: “Is networking new? I don’t necessarily think so. Whereas in the past a group of managers would meet in a quiet place, in a hut in the Alpine foothills for instance, the fundamental difference today is that this networking is possible at any time on various levels, thanks to technology – yet the intent and purpose remains the same, namely, comparing knowledge and experiences and making them accessible to others. This is the case on a large or a small scale, and the CCI Wirtschaftsjunioren are a prime example of this. Promoting it should be our duty.”