Technogroup proud of international trainees
12 Septembre 2017

Training young people is part of Technogroup’s philosophy. In the past 20 years we have had a total of 81 apprentices, of whom today 16 still work in various positions in the company. Sixteen is also the number of apprentices we currently have, and they will be joined on September 1st by a further eight young people who are starting their professional training.

Apprenticeships at Technogroup are multifaceted and involve seven different, wide-ranging specialist fields: office management, marketing communication, IT systems, IT system integration specialist, electronics technician for equipment and systems, warehouse logistics specialist, and IT systems electronics technician.

“The profile of an ‘IT system integration specialist’, for example, shows how much is required of the young apprentices. This apprenticeship encompasses administration, planning and integrating IT systems, configuring and installing IT systems, diagnosis and trouble-shooting in the IT environment, selecting and implementing suitable software and operating systems, networking hardware and software, network technology and IT security (firewalls)”, says Tatjana Schneider, Human Resources team leader at Technogroup.

In addition, Technogroup currently employs three job starters on dual study programs. Dual study means that applicants have a well-meshed understanding of theory and practice, which are taught in parallel. This aims to help candidates better understand the purpose of their training. It offers them an ideal basis if, later on, they are taken on by the company, since the graduates are already familiar with a firm’s processes from their own experience.

Technogroup operates globally; indeed, its apprentices are of five different nationalities and speak seven different languages: German, English, Hindi, Italian, Persian, Punjabi and Urdu. The training team in charge of this international group of apprentices encompasses eleven trainers in the company, who represent all seven professions and the dual study programs – International Business and Service Engineering – at the professional level. Moreover Technogroup has additional certified trainers who pass on their knowhow to apprentices. Training is firmly entrenched in the corporate culture and is one of Technogroup’s major strengths.

There are also four refugees among the trainees. To improve their knowledge of the German language they are taking a language course parallel to the training program. In order to guarantee as broad-based training as possible, the second half of the technical apprenticeship includes inter-company training in metalworking. “Our experience has shown that this is highly beneficial for later technicians, because occasionally they also have to take a spanner to server racks. Commercial trainees in contrast have an opportunity to contribute to the online staff magazine, which is popular and helps trainees deepen their knowledge of the company,” Tatjana Schneider continues.

Dr. Ralf Dingeldein, CEO of Technogroup, says: “We are very proud of our apprentice tradition and the way we live out this philosophy at the company. This year too we are happy to report that we currently have a total of 24 apprentices in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region.”