Rejuvenating hardware spares industry budgets
08 Février 2018

Third-party maintenance (TPM) provides vendor-independent service models

Hochheim, 08 February 2018 – The economy has long been dependent on technology components like servers and storage solutions, which are regarded as the nerve cells of a company. The service life of cost-intensive components affects decisions regarding the distribution of investments, while digital transformation is critically reliant on the performance of the IT infrastructure. “Fundamentally, it is a question of maintenance and servicing. Independence from specific manufacturers opens up possibilities to operate servers and other IT systems for longer and in a more efficient way”, says Dr Ralf Dingeldein, CEO of Technogroup. The Hochheim-based company is one of the largest providers of vendor-independent data centre services and server infrastructures, maintaining the technology of leading industrial companies. The vendor-independent service concept allows customers to focus on their core business instead of spending time searching for IT solutions.

Longer IT lifespan

With a service portfolio for all manufacturers, a third-party vendor is more flexible and enables a longer hardware service life. Systems not supported by the manufacturer can be kept reliable for operation. “We are like the rescue service of IT and are able to solve any data centre problem in the shortest possible time,” says Ralf Dingeldein. The conditions are attractive, especially considering that companies only need one service partner: “Almost every company uses hardware from several manufacturers. In service, this would usually require a variety of maintenance contracts. We take on this risk because we can service all of the manufacturers’ systems, “says Dingeldein. Since 1990, Technogroup has been a manufacturer-independent IT service provider with more than 4,000 customers in the DACH region alone. In addition to corporate customers, Technogroup also supports manufacturers and system houses.

Fast logistics

The Technogroup is also active worldwide – which is crucial for companies that have branches around the world and would like to use the same service at all of their locations. Unlike many manufacturers and retailers who have centralised their storage space, Technogroup maintains 37 local service centres and ensures the highest delivery and installation speeds with more than 240 employees. “Proximity to the customer and adequate component stock-keeping is essential in order to be able to offer a technology maintenance service which maintains and increases its value and which enables us to actually respond in the shortest possible time. That’s how we are able to work like an emergency service, “says Dingeldein.


Technogroup is the TPM market leader in the DACH region. The company offers one-stop service and service solutions for all critical IT systems in data centres. Comprehensive service packages help prevent and fix hardware failures and cost-effectively extend the service life of IT systems for businesses in multiple industries. Additional services include administration services, installation, system removals, changes, updates and legacy system recycling. With extensive know-how and many years of industry experience, Technogroup offers a professional approach with a high level of service and reduced costs.