Making IT efficient and sustainable

If you work efficiently, you will be successful: This applies just as much to people as it does to companies. In IT, efficiency is the key with regard to both sustainability and performance. “When new, more efficient hardware is ordered, the CO2 emissions that occur during production are often neglected in the big picture. On the other hand, carefully modernizing existing hardware to suit needs, thereby extending its lifespan, can considerably increase sustainability and at the same time save the cost of unnecessary new devices and components,” explains Dr. Ralf Dingeldein, CEO of Technogroup. The company is one of the largest providers of manufacture-independent service concepts for IT infrastructures operating companies and supports in excess of 4,500 companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“Blue Angel” ecolabel for data centers

Data centers use more than 9.7 TWh of electricity a year – enough to light a city with over one million inhabitants for ten years. And the figure is rising, among other things due to IT computing systems, cloud servers, and mobile telecommunication and data infrastructure. For this reason, data centers can seek to obtain the accolade of the “Blue Angel” ecolabel for environmentally-friendly products. “Modern IT has shifted energy consumption. Whereas before companies only consumed energy internally, nowadays the connecting external infrastructure requires a huge amount of energy,” says Technogroup CEO Dingeldein.

IT breakdown and efficiency service

With a service portfolio covering all manufacturers and 37 local hubs, the Technogroup can respond quickly and comprehensively if the hardware in a data center starts having problems. Systems that have long since no longer been supported by the manufacturer can also be kept operationally secure and modernized, measures which considerably increase their life span. The terms are likewise attractive, particularly as companies only need one service partner for all the hardware used. “This concept alone is green and fast: Our breakdown “truck” replaces the individual service vehicles of at least 20 manufacturers of IT components, servers, etc.,” Dr. Ralf Dingeldein explains.

Technogroup is the TPM market leader in the German-speaking region. The company offers service solutions for all crucial IT systems in data centers, all from one source. The comprehensive service packages help to avoid and rectify hardware failures and to increase the utilization time of IT systems affordably for companies in various different sectors. Additional services include administration, installation, system relocations, changes and updates, as well as recycling of old systems. Thanks to its comprehensive expertise and many years of industry experience, Technogroup offers a professional approach with a high service level and reduced costs.