Company data centers feel the pressure of Industry 4.0 and IoT
25 September 2018

Third-party maintenance (TPM) offers manufacturer-independent service models

The company, which is based in the Rhine-Main region, works on behalf of numerous other firms, implementing manufacturer-independent service concepts for data centers and server infrastructures. These days, there are no longer any areas of business that can do without the support of high-performance IT infrastructure, and what’s more, the systems must be secured against outages. Alongside redundancies and back-ups, the state of the data center’s technology therefore plays a vital role.

Data centers put to the test

The technological infrastructure of data centers is still frequently neglected and does not meet the requirements of actually ensuring the greatest protection against outages. From energy systems and uninterruptible power supplies to deletion systems, climate control and hard drives: Where there are outages of older components in particular, the time it takes to install replacements and continue operations is critical. “Companies frequently work with service contracts that are still based on hardware in mint condition and don’t do justice to the fair value or actual condition,” warns Dr. Ralf Dingeldein. At the same time, hardware manufacturers stock only a limited number of replacement parts for the older generations – a major risk when digital capability hinges on this hardware.

Efficient and reliable

With a service portfolio for all manufacturers, a third-party provider can respond more quickly and flexibly and can guarantee that the components in a data center have a lifespan appropriate to the hardware. “The most fitting comparison is that of a car breakdown service: We get to each server as soon as we can and ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible,” states Dr. Ralf Dingeldein. An additional benefit here is the simplicity of the process for companies, because one sole partner takes care of all the maintenance. This reduces the number of service contracts tremendously and frees up funds for genuine further development of the data center. “Alongside the maintenance, appropriate modernization is important if companies are to keep pace with the future demands of digitization. Efficiency, reliability and future-compatibility are the crucial aspects of maintenance and the operation of data centers,” Dingeldein goes on to say.