New ERP solution used at Technogroup!

Technogroup’s growing international business requires an integrated IT solution, that efficiently supports processes Europe-wide as well as across different locations and industries. Having evaluated different ERP system providers, the IT specialist decided on an IFS safety-oriented ERP software automation solution. This will be used by Technogroup as a centralised ERP system in order to standardize the company’s complex transnational business processes.

The new centralised IFS ERP application takes on numerous stand-alone solutions. The software’s comprehensive and integrated support of business-critical processes is meant to increase efficiency and productivity. Following the complete introduction, it will display Technogroup’s entire value-added chain – ranging from spare parts procurement, service control and logistics through to maintenance, finances and human resources as well as service-and quality management. The customers will also benefit from this integrated solution since they will be provided with additional online functions via customer access to call overview and contract management in the foreseeable future.

Following a successful test phase, Technogroup will work productively with the new future-oriented system starting 3 April 2017. As the transition to a centralised ERP solution can lead to friction losses, we ask all customers for their understanding should any inconveniences occur during the introductory phase. Should questions or problems arise, the 24-hour emergency number 00800 777 33 555 or contact partners from marketing will be available for assistance.