Kick-Off in Germany’s Most Prestigious Stadiums

’The round thing has to go into the square thing’¹ or what was that again?! Whether in football or in our company – it’s the team spirit that counts! That’s why Technogroup chose football as it’s theme for this year – and realized that it has more to do with our day-to-day business than one might expect.

During a total of five match days our regional teams from all over Germany and Austria got together for meetings which were held in the exclusive lodges of the Opel Arena in Mainz, the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, the Sankt Millerntor stadium in Hamburg and in the Allianz Arena in Munich.

The basis for these get-togethers is Technogroup’s annual regional meetings, where the members of our sales and technology departments meet to reach agreement via a mutual exchange of ideas, news and informed opinions. Good cooperation between sales, engineering, logistics and procurement is essential and indispensable for us – that’s why these joint meetings are more than important. The subjects discussed during our meetings were, in addition to numbers, charts and facts, turnover, sales projects and goals, topics such as the handling of firmware and managing the vehicles of our transport fleet.

But now back to Football, why meetings in stadiums? The analogy to football was quickly found by asking the question: in which player position do you play at Technogroup – striker, midfield, defence or goalkeeper?

Are you for example, a systems technician in defence, the last resort before a customer complaint hits the back of the net or are you the striker in sales scoring goals by winning customer contracts? It quickly became clear that a good match can only be played, when all player positions are occupied and everyone works together, passing the ball to each other and not conceding any goals – that’s how we keep IT running!

After an on field team line-up, the stadium guide gave us a tour and some close insights into the workings of the stadium, the players’ cabins, the training facilities and business lounges– all very impressive! A good line up from our pool of brilliant players was easily ensured, filling our matches with highlights and leading to a successful conclusion – even after extra time!

We, the teams, would like to thank our management for making it all possible – simply world class!



¹ Herberger, Sepp in (1954) soccer world championship