A one-stop shop for multivendor monitoring

It’s certainly no secret that properly functioning business operations are vital to a company’s profitgenerating ability, as even minor disruptions can adversely affect the healthiest of balance sheets. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to enhance the robustness of your infrastructure with Technogroup’s integrated IT Monitoring system, which enables companies to maintain a comprehensive overview of their IT landscape’s vendors and system environments. Our highlyefficient monitoring solution is designed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of a company’s systems. If desired, we are able to handle the operation of a company’s entire monitoring systems so that our customers can focus their attention on pursuing important strategic objectives and projects.


Key requirements for efficient processes

Technogroup holds a crucial competitive edge as a multivendor service provider, as we possess the capability of integrating virtually every single vendor and system environment into a single monitoring package and displaying the corresponding information to the customer by way of centralized dashboards. Alongside the maintenance services and multivendor expertise that Technogroup offers as a single point of contact, customers have the added luxury of relying on our automated recovery of malfunctioning components and can thus considerably lower their process costs.


  • Uninterrupted availability

    Uninterrupted availability

    Prevention of costly and timeconsuming system outages

  • Maximized capacities

    Maximized capacities

    Increased availability of human resources

  • Reasonable prices

    Reasonable prices

    Moderate financial expenditures in return for optimum results

  • Limitless applications

    Limitless applications

    Compatible with nearly all vendors and system landscapes

  • Seamless implementation

    Seamless implementation

    Implementation within a very brief timeframe

  • Broad scope

    Broad scope

    Accommodation of as many services and locations as needed

  • Hasslefree customization

    Hasslefree customization

    Flexibility to meet individualized needs

IT Monitoring – The IT landscape optimization solution

Technogroup’s IT Monitoring system performs active and passive monitoring for the purpose of ensuring the seamless and uninterrupted operation of a customer’s system. In other words, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Customers are afforded the option of taking advantage of these benefits either as a single solution or in combination with maintenance and single point of contact (SPOC) services. With a maintenance contract in place, any and all error messages that occur are analyzed and transmitted to Technogroup’s technical experts, who then waste no time in carrying out the repair process. Ongoing inspections, integrated reporting, and an organized overview of the realtime situation serve to provide the broadest scope of applicability for your IT landscape, thus allowing for significant reductions in cost and time expenditures.

A full-scale overview in no time at all

Technogroup’s customers need not dread a tedious implementation process, as the installation and setup of the IT Monitoring solution involves only a few short steps. We will first prepare your systems for the application of our monitoring solution and carry out a standard configuration before modifying the settings and configuring the tools. And as soon as the monitoring technology is linked with the monitored systems, you will immediately experience the benefits of enhanced agility, productivity, and responsiveness.