IT Monitoring

CEOs today expect that their IT departments possess both personal and professional skills, such as an interdisciplinary expert IT knowledge of the various technologies and processes coupled with diligence and a strong sense of responsibility when handling standard processes or updating documentation. Moreover, creativity in optimizing the IT infrastructure is a sine qua non.

Indeed, the IT staff should for all the manifold duties they have also keep a clear head in tense situations and always focus on the processes involved. The expectation is that they will swiftly and ably solve highly complex tasks, whereby less attention gets paid to special operating systems, hardware and seamless monitoring of the IT infrastructure.

Shared Services is our solution to fully optimize the calibration of your IT facilities. And you always decide which service we shoulder for you – and when.

These IT services are an adapted form of our Managed Services, which are tailored to the client’s computer center needs. Seven modules that are carefully aligned to individual requirements cover almost all the areas of support for computer centers.

Essentially, IT systems discern if hardware errors occur and report the event in the error log or by error message. Many of the systems are able to assign these error messages automatically to emails and send them to a selected recipient. However, some machines do not have an email message function or for operational reasons it is not permitted to send them from the network or the respective IT system. Should this nevertheless be necessary, Technogroup provides customized IT monitoring solutions that enable information on an error message from the IT system to be forwarded/received anyway.

With our IT Monitoring system we proactively monitor activities in your computer center and if necessary open a Case for you or manage the system-generated messages. With our specially developed integrated solution we handle error detection, analysis and rectification and in this way increase your infrastructure’s availability. Trends are swiftly recognized by the monitoring and EWS, and solutions immediately found.

Using the Technogroup Remote Monitoring solution you have at your fingertips a flexible, modular monitoring concept that eases the strain on your own staff. At the same time, you can rely on our qualified and certified support personnel at any time. In this way, you increase the reliability of your systems architecture while maintaining full transparency.