Euro 2021 – The European Champion for TPM is already clear

Technogroup and Evernex are the new market leaders for third-party maintenance (TPM) in data centres and also offer service “in the second half”

The tension is mounting. The new few weeks will decide who can call themselves European Football Champions. But the European Champion for Third-Party Maintenance in Data Centres is already clear. With the merger of Technogroup and Evernex a new European market leader with worldwide presence and great expertise in cross-manufacturer technical services in data centres has emerged. Hardware maintenance is similar to football. It’s all about speed, internationalism, performance and flexibility.

Thanks to individual service level agreements, TPM providers frequently offer more flexibility compared to manufacturer maintenance. Certified service employees ensure any disruptions and malfunctions are fixed as soon as possible. Many companies have branches in different countries. For them it is advantageous to have proven service providers who offer their services internationally. Evernex and Technogroup are active together in over 160 countries and support customers with branches around the globe through an extensive partner network. And there are even more parallels with football.

Cross-manufacturer maintenance enables hardware to have a second half, injury time and extra time.

Manufacturers frequently only offer support for hardware in data centres for a few years. Even during this time TPM service providers can sensibly supplement this support. But who would end a football match after the first half? Hardware can also be used securely and with high performance beyond the end of service life (EOSL). According to a study conducted by Technogroup, nearly 60 per cent of companies use their hardware in data centres for up to ten years and longer. TPM providers also take over the maintenance of the hardware beyond the manufacturers’ EOSL, thus providing servers, storage and co. with a second half, injury time and extra time.

Cross-manufacturer maintenance is like the physio coming onto the pitch

If a player gets injured by a foul, the physio team will be there. They ensure the player is quickly fit again, so the team can show its performance in its usual formation and that play can go on. If there is a disruption, TPM providers ensure that defective hardware components are repaired or replaced so IT works smoothly again and companies can continue with their processes.

Cross-manufacturer maintenance provides a first-class bench

Football is not just about eleven men. Every player can get injured during a match. Then it’s important to have substitutes ready who can adequately take over the role of their injured teammate so the team continues to work well. With over 850,000 spare parts in more than 350 logistics bases worldwide, Technogroup and Evernex are the Number One in multi-vendor spare parts inventory and thus offer an impressive substitutes’ bench for every data centre.

“Like in football, the success of a company depends on many factors. Cross-manufacturer maintenance, along with flexibility, internationalism and speed, can be one of these factors,” Klaus Stöckert, CEO of Technogroup IT-Service GmbH and Member of the Executive Board of Evernex, is convinced.

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